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Express Glass Leading the Way in Building Glass

Dangerous, Shoddy and Deadly

27 July 2018

Poor quality glass, shoddy workmanship and installation especially when dealing with building glass is life threatening. Cheap and faulty building glass is flooding into the Australian market.

Express Glass Leading the Way in Building Glass

Are You a Visionary on Target Breaking Glass Walls?

19 June 2018

Leaders in the workplace recognising early business trends before they become trends. What are the top 5 they're using to break down those glass walls to stay ahead of their competitors?

Express Glass Leaders in Emergency Building Glass

The Next Generation of Glass Breakers – Top 10

13 June 2018

Come 2020 what will the new generation of leaders look like, will they break the glass ceiling? Recent research has identified the following top 10 leadership qualities!

Building Glass Energy Audit

Drastically Reduce Building Energy Costs by up to 77%*

25 May 2018

We'll show you how to prevent up to 77% heat transfer and drastically reduce your footprint and energy costs with the right energy efficient glass.* Simply book a building glass audit here now.