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Glass Window and Door Maintenance

Strata Scheme Glass and Window Safety

19 June 2017

Express Glass is a specialist glass and window provider to the strata industry with operations Australia-wide and direct billings to your insurance company, how easy is that!

Glazing Projects

The Future of Glass Facades for FM's

19 June 2017

Glazing performance has increased exponentially over the past decade with the continued push for floor to ceiling glass and the need for energy efficiencies. 

Emergency Building Glass Replacement and Repairs

Bin Trim: Glass Recycling for NSW's Glass Industry

19 June 2017

Improved recycling options for the glass industry are critical in addressing glass wastage and it’s fantastic to see Bin Trim a government intervention on this issue.

Glass Balustrades for homes and offices

Ensuring Balcony Safety and Compliant Glass

19 June 2017

The primary function of a balustrade is to act as a fence or guardrail often at great heights and that's why safety is a key consideration in balustrade design.