Fixing a broken window after a storm…easy!

Broken building glass, especially after a storm, can be very dangerous so it’s important that it’s repaired or replaced immediately. The quickest and easiest way to replace or repair your building window glass is to:

  1. Immediately contact your insurer and lodge a claim
  2. Express Glass are a preferred supplier to insurance companies so your job will automatically be logged into the Express Glass system Broken Window Glass
  3. Within 3 Hours Express Glass will contact you to arrange a suitable time and day for a qualified glazier to visit your premises and repair or replace your building window glass. Tip: If you can identify the type of glass, it could speed up your job!
  4. It’s that easy, most jobs are straight forward and can be done immediately

What if I’m not insured?

If your premises are not insured: Continue reading

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The Storm Season is Here!

As long as we can remember, Australians have been menaced by intense storms due to the size, shape, and location of the Australian continent. Our continent provides the perfect spawning ground for cyclones, severe thunderstorms, tornadoes, and even supercells.

And… it’s predicted, due to climate change, that Australia’s storms are likely to grow Storm-Seasonstronger and more frequent in the years to come.

The 2016 storm season has started! So, what can you do to prepare for the unexpected and minimize any impact for now and into the future?

1. Firstly, here’s a great 3D link to what you can do Continue reading

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Are you Prepared?

Make sure you’re well prepared for the storm season!

One of the most common problems we see during storm season are windows that have been blown out by the severe Australian weather, or serious damage around the window area. Emergency Window Replacement

It’s very dangerous to have windows which are not prepared for hazardous conditions, not to mention the damage it can cause to your home. It could also pose a risk to you and your family because obviously, broken glass is sharp and dangerous.

By using a little forward thinking and good initiative you can minimise the risks, wrap up and stay at home until the storm has passed, safe in the knowledge that your windows are perfectly secure. Continue reading

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Your Time’s Valuable!

Hey Queensland…

We know your time is valuable so we’ve made it easy!


Do you know that all you have to do is contact 1300 666 234 lodge your job and we’ll take it from there? We’ll work with, and bill your Insurance company direct so you don’t have to. DONE, how easy is that?

Our dedicated insurance department is available 24/7/365 with a ‘no fuss’ approach to managing your claims, wherever they are across Queensland. Our local responsive team is fast, proactive, accredited and available.

We’re the preferred local building glass provider to major insurers across Queensland because: Continue reading

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Thanks Queensland for asking…

We’ve been receiving many questions lately so here are the answers to everything you ever Queensland Mapwanted to know about the biggest building glass supplier in Queensland.

Q:  Does Express Glass service Queensland                    statewide?
A:  Yes, we service metropolitan and regional                areas across the entire state of Queensland

Q:  What services does Express Glass provide in          Queensland?
A:  For all types of building glass we provide;                emergency building glass repairs, general                window repairs, scratch & graffiti removal,            window, anti-graffiti & security films, mirror installation & replacement, glass quality          and compliance audits

Q:  What industry sectors does Express Glass service?
A:  Strata, Retail, Insurance, Facilities Management and Commercial Buildings

Continue reading

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Need Glass? An end of year production reminder

 End of Year Production Reminder

december-calendar 2014With summer around the corner and Christmas almost upon us, Express Glass would like to put out a reminder that toughened glass production goes into summer holiday hibernation mode soon.

As such, it is timely to get all of your big orders submitted and hopefully completed this month. Waiting until December can be a risky approach if your project is under time restraints or need to be completed before the end of the year!

Last orders for toughened glass need to be in before Friday, 11th of December as suppliers shut down until mid-January 2015. Continue reading

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